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1973: Seafloor Spreading – Tanya Atwater’s Contributions to Plate Tectonics

Tanya Atwater’s groundbreaking research in the 1970s provided key insights into seafloor spreading, contributing significantly to the understanding of plate tectonics and the geological history of Earth

1957: Marie Tharp’s Legacy – Unveiling the Mysteries of the Seafloor

Marie Tharp's pioneering work in seafloor mapping provided critical insights into ocean topography and played a crucial role in developing plate tectonics theory

1912: Alfred Wegener and the Theory of Continental Drift

Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift, initially met with skepticism, fundamentally changed geology with the later discovery of tectonic plates

c. 35 Million BCE: Antarctica’s Dynamic Geological History

Antarctica, often perceived as a remote icy land, has undergone significant changes over time. Originally part of Gondwana and later Pangea, it separated from Australia around 35 million years ago, leading to the formation of [...]

c. 300 Million BCE: Pangea – The Ancient Supercontinent

Delves into the formation of Pangea, the ancient supercontinent, over 300 million years ago, through a series of continent-continent collisions, highlighting the concept of continental drift proposed by Alfred Wegener and supporting evidence from fossils [...]