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1972: Lunar Geology – Insights from Apollo Astronaut Harrison Schmitt

The Apollo Moon missions, particularly with geologist-astronaut Harrison Schmitt, showed that Earth's geological principles apply to lunar exploration, contributing significantly to our understanding of the Moon and planetary geology

1908: The Tunguska Event – A Meteoric Mystery in Siberia

The 1908 Tunguska explosion, a mysterious airburst in Siberia, underscores the impact of celestial objects on Earth and remains a pivotal study in planetary science

1879: The Evolution of the United States Geological Survey – The Legacy of G. K. Gilbert

The US Geological Survey, founded in 1879, was pivotal in exploring America's expanding territories. Notable geologist G. K. Gilbert's contributions, especially in understanding the Meteor Crater, underscored the agency's role in advancing geological knowledge, which [...]

c. 4.1 Billion BCE: Unraveling the Late Heavy Bombardment’s Mysteries

Delves into the Late Heavy Bombardment, a period when the solar system experienced intense asteroid and comet impacts. It highlights how lunar research, particularly from Apollo mission samples, offers insights into this chaotic era, suggesting [...]

c. 4.5 Billion BCE: Unraveling the Mystery – The Fascinating Origin of the Moon

Explores the intriguing theories and eventual scientific consensus on the Moon's origin, highlighting the giant impact hypothesis as the most compelling explanation supported by lunar data.