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c. 700-1200: Tracing the Polynesian Diaspora

The Polynesian diaspora, spanning 5,000 years, represents one of human history's most extensive and skilled migrations, as people from Southeast Asia settled across the South Pacific, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and communities

c. 500 BCE: The Human Settlement of Madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth-largest island globally, was one of the last significant landmasses settled by humans, around 2,500 years ago. Its isolation since the breakup of Pangea fostered unique biodiversity, now threatened by human activities

c. 1200-500 BCE: The Dawn of the Iron Age – A Technological Revolution

The Iron Age, marked by the advent of iron smelting and steel production, revolutionized ancient societies with tools and weapons of unmatched strength and durability, laying the foundation for modern metallurgical advancements

c. 30,000 BCE: The Journey of Animal Domestication

Animal domestication, a key development in human history, transformed wild species into crucial contributors to human survival and society, from the first domesticated dogs over 30,000 years ago to modern livestock

c. 3.4 Million BCE to 3300 BCE: The Stone Age – A Pivotal Era in Human Prehistory

The Stone Age, beginning about 3.4 million years ago, represents the earliest phase of human technological and societal development, characterized by the use of stone, bone, and natural materials in tool-making, predominantly in savanna environments