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1999: The Devastating Impact of the Vargas Landslide

The 1999 Vargas Landslide in Venezuela, triggered by heavy rain, highlights the sudden, catastrophic potential of landslides, emphasizing the need for greater awareness and geological understanding

c. 6.5 Million BCE: The Grand Canyon – A Geological Masterpiece

The Grand Canyon, one of Earth’s most remarkable geological formations, showcases the powerful erosive force of liquid water over time. It is a prime example of how rivers and streams can shape even the toughest [...]

c. 80 Million BCE: The Geological Formation of the Rocky Mountains

Explains the formation of the Rocky Mountains, a geological anomaly far from the North American plate's edge, initially formed by continental collisions 300 million years ago and later uplifted by the subducting Farallon plate around [...]

c. 320 Million BCE: The Enduring Ural Mountains – Asia’s Ancient Peaks

Examines the Ural Mountains' formation and endurance, highlighting their unique geological history that has protected them from the tectonic activities and erosions that typically diminish ancient ranges, allowing them to maintain significant heights even today

c. 480 Million BCE: The Geological History of the Appalachian Mountains

Examines the formation and evolution of the Appalachian Mountains, tracing their origins to multiple plate collisions starting around 480 million years ago and discussing their transformation from towering peaks to the more subdued landscapes seen [...]