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~250 Million: Pangea Proxima – Envisioning Earth’s Future Supercontinent

"Pangea Proxima" explores the potential future formation of a supercontinent due to Earth's shifting tectonic plates, a continuation of the planet's dynamic geological evolution

1960: Mariana Trench – The Deepest Point on Earth

The Mariana Trench, the deepest point on Earth, was first explored by Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard, revealing a world of deep-sea biodiversity

1912: Alfred Wegener and the Theory of Continental Drift

Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift, initially met with skepticism, fundamentally changed geology with the later discovery of tectonic plates

1906: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake – A Seismic Event in History

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, a major seismic event, prompted significant advancements in building and urban planning, highlighting the impact of tectonic activities

c. 10 Million BCE: The Andes – A Geological Marvel of Plate Collision

The Andes, formed by the collision of the Nazca plate with the South American plate, are a major volcanic zone extending through several South American countries and part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, characterized [...]

c. 70 Million BCE: The Majestic Himalayas – A Tectonic Marvel

The Himalayas, formed from the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates, are a prime example of the dramatic mountain-building process, resulting in peaks like Mt. Everest, created through thrust-faulting and continuous upward stacking of [...]

c. 4.54 Billion BCE: The Birth of Earth – A Journey Through Time and Space

Delves into Earth's formation approximately 4.54 billion years ago and its unique characteristics as a geological, atmospheric, and biological entity. It explores Earth's dynamic structure, life-supporting conditions, and the ongoing quest to find other habitable [...]