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c. 30-20 Million BCE: Evolution of Advanced C4 Photosynthesis in Plants

Advanced C4 photosynthesis, an evolutionary adaptation in plants, emerged 30-20 million years ago in response to decreasing atmospheric CO2 levels, enabling more efficient CO2 fixation, especially in hot, dry environments, and playing a crucial role [...]

c. 470 Million BCE: The Emergence of Land Plants and Their Impact on Earth

Explores the evolution of the first land plants from aquatic ancestors, their adaptations to survive desiccation, and their significant impact on Earth's atmosphere and ecology, including the increase of oxygen and the emergence of wildfires

c. 3-1.8 Billion BCE: Decoding Banded Iron Formations – A Geological Mystery

Examines Banded Iron Formations (BIFs), which reveal early oxygenation events on Earth, linking them to the rise of oxygenic photosynthesis by cyanobacteria and the subsequent atmospheric changes.

c. 3.4 Billion BCE: The Evolution of Photosynthesis – Transforming Earth

Discusses the evolution of photosynthesis, highlighting its impact on Earth's atmosphere and life forms. It traces the development from early anoxygenic photosynthesis to the oxygen-producing photosynthesis by cyanobacteria, leading to the Great Oxidation event.

c. 3.7 Billion BCE: Stromatolites – Windows into Earth’s Early Life

Delves into stromatolites, the oldest known fossil evidence of life on Earth, explaining their formation by microbial groups, particularly cyanobacteria, and their role in the Earth's atmospheric evolution.

c. 4–2.5 Billion BCE: The Archean Eon – Earth’s Dramatic Evolution

Explores the Archean Eon, a period marked by the formation of Earth's earliest continental crust and significant atmospheric changes. It highlights the rise of cyanobacteria and the onset of photosynthesis, setting the stage for more [...]