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1869: John Wesley Powell – Unveiling the Geologic Majesty of the Grand Canyon

John Wesley Powell's groundbreaking expeditions in the late 19th century illuminated the vast geological history of the Grand Canyon, revealing its intricate layers and making it a central figure in geological studies

1811: Mary Anning – Unveiling Earth’s Ancient Secrets Through Fossils

Mary Anning's groundbreaking fossil discoveries in the 19th century, including the first ichthyosaur, plesiosaurus, and British pterosaur, played a crucial role in supporting the concepts of deep time and stratigraphy, highlighting the significance of fossils [...]

c. 50,000 BCE: Arizona’s Meteor Crater – A Window into Earth’s Impact History

Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona, is a pristine geological site formed 50,000 years ago by an asteroid impact, offering insights into Earth's history with extraterrestrial collisions