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c. 2.5 Billion BCE: The Great Oxidation – A Transformative Event in Earth’s History

Explores the Great Oxidation, a pivotal event caused by the rise of oxygen-producing cyanobacteria, which significantly altered Earth's atmosphere and led to the extinction of many anaerobic species while paving the way for aerobic life [...]

c. 3.4 Billion BCE: The Evolution of Photosynthesis – Transforming Earth

Discusses the evolution of photosynthesis, highlighting its impact on Earth's atmosphere and life forms. It traces the development from early anoxygenic photosynthesis to the oxygen-producing photosynthesis by cyanobacteria, leading to the Great Oxidation event.

c. 3.7 Billion BCE: Stromatolites – Windows into Earth’s Early Life

Delves into stromatolites, the oldest known fossil evidence of life on Earth, explaining their formation by microbial groups, particularly cyanobacteria, and their role in the Earth's atmospheric evolution.