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1869: John Wesley Powell – Unveiling the Geologic Majesty of the Grand Canyon

John Wesley Powell's groundbreaking expeditions in the late 19th century illuminated the vast geological history of the Grand Canyon, revealing its intricate layers and making it a central figure in geological studies

1864: Jules Verne – Pioneering Science Fiction Through Geological Wonders

Jules Verne, a 19th-century French author, pioneered the science fiction genre by blending emerging scientific theories with imaginative storytelling, focusing on Earth's geological past and hypothetical subterranean adventures

1845: Alexander von Humboldt – The Father of Environmentalism

Alexander von Humboldt, a polymath explorer, laid the groundwork for modern environmentalism. His extensive fieldwork and holistic approach to studying nature's interconnectedness inspired a new worldview, shaping the environmental movement as we know it today