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1934: Dorothy Hill – Pioneering Coral Geology Research

Dorothy Hill's groundbreaking research in coral geology helped unravel the history and evolution of corals, marking her as a key figure in paleontology

c. 375 Million BCE: The Dawn of Land Animals – From Fish to Tetrapods

Explores the emergence of complex multicellular life 550 million years ago, including the first vertebrates and tetrapods, highlighting Ichthyostega, one of the earliest creatures to venture onto land, and the profound impact of this evolutionary [...]

c. 550 Million BCE: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Cambrian Explosion

Explores the Cambrian Explosion, a pivotal period about 550 million years ago marked by a dramatic increase in life's diversity, including the emergence of hard-shelled eukaryotic organisms, and discusses the mass extinctions that followed