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Lapis Lazuli: The Ancient Blue Stone of Healing, Insight, and Harmony

Lapis Lazuli, a stone with a rich historical background and deep blue hue, known for its healing properties, significance in ancient art and culture, and applications in spiritual development and Feng Shui

c. 1200-500 BCE: The Dawn of the Iron Age – A Technological Revolution

The Iron Age, marked by the advent of iron smelting and steel production, revolutionized ancient societies with tools and weapons of unmatched strength and durability, laying the foundation for modern metallurgical advancements

c. 3300-1200 BCE: The Bronze Age – Dawn of Metalwork and Empires

The Bronze Age, a pivotal era in human history, was marked by the advent of bronze smelting, leading to significant technological advancements in tools and weaponry, and fostering the rise of early dynasties and trade [...]