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c. 6000 BCE: The Evolution and Impact of Fertilizers in Agriculture

Fertilizers, essential for enhancing crop growth, have evolved from ancient manure use to modern synthetic forms, significantly boosting global food production. However, their environmental impact necessitates sustainable practices for future agriculture

c. 10,000 BCE: The Dawn of Agriculture – A Turning Point in Human History

The invention of agriculture around 12,000 years ago marked a major shift in human civilization, enabling settled lifestyles and leading to the emergence of the first cities and complex societies

c. 30,000 BCE: The Journey of Animal Domestication

Animal domestication, a key development in human history, transformed wild species into crucial contributors to human survival and society, from the first domesticated dogs over 30,000 years ago to modern livestock

c. 200,000 BCE: The Dawn of Homo Sapiens and Their Impact on Earth

Homo sapiens, appearing around 200,000 years ago, coexisted with Neanderthals and have left a profound impact on Earth through advancements in agriculture, art, and technology, leading to significant environmental changes