Unveiling the Origins

Sapphire, like ruby, is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). While best known in its blue form, which owes its color to titanium and iron, sapphires can also be pink, yellow, green, colorless, and feature unique star-like inclusions in star sapphires. These gems are sourced globally, with notable deposits in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia.

Historical Significance and Lore

Sri Lanka’s long history as a gem source includes producing famous sapphires like the 563-carat Star of India and the 423-carat Logan Sapphire. Sapphires have been symbols of royalty, exemplified by the sapphire engagement ring once worn by Princess Diana and now by Kate Middleton.

Healing Properties

Sapphires offer various healing benefits. They regulate glands, treat blood disorders, and aid sleep disorders like insomnia. Green sapphire heals eye infections and improves eyesight, while blue sapphire, associated with the throat chakra, benefits the thyroid. Yellow sapphire is known for toxin removal.

Magical Uses

Sapphires enhance both physical and inner vision. Blue sapphire at the throat releases frustration and aids in self-expression. Star sapphire is believed to facilitate extraterrestrial connections.

Feng Shui Applications

Different sapphire colors connect with various energies. Blue sapphire, embodying water energy, is ideal for regeneration and rebirth and suits the northern area or Career/Path in Life sector. Yellow sapphire, with its subdued fire energy, works best in the center of a space.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

As September’s birthstone, sapphire fosters peace of mind, serenity, and spiritual empowerment. It aids in self-exploration, confidence building, and illuminating spiritual truths, particularly during meditation.