The Origins

Diamond, a crystalline form of carbon, is most commonly colorless but can exhibit yellow, blue, brown, or pink hues. As the hardest gemstone, it scores a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not exceedingly rare. They are mined globally, including in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Russia, and the United States. The term ‘diamond’ originates from the Greek ‘adamas’, meaning ‘hard’ or ‘unconquerable’.

Historical Significance and Lore

Diamond mining began in India around the 4th century B.C.E. and later reached European markets. By the 1400s, Europe’s elite adorned themselves with diamond accessories. The 1700s marked Brazil as a significant diamond source, followed by South Africa’s large deposits discovery in the late 1800s. Cecil Rhodes’ founding of De Beers in 1888 led to a near monopoly on the diamond market. The 1940s saw De Beers popularize diamond engagement rings with the slogan “a diamond is forever”.

Healing Properties

Diamonds detoxify and purify the body, balance metabolism, and are helpful in treating allergies and chronic conditions. Beneficial for eye conditions like glaucoma and issues like dizziness and vertigo, diamonds also improve brain, nerve, and sensory organ functions, combat aging, and boost energy levels.

Magical Uses

A unique crystal that doesn’t require recharging, diamonds amplify the powers of other minerals. They increase the energy of everything they touch but can also intensify negative energies. Diamonds are used to illuminate and transform negative aspects.

Feng Shui Applications

In Feng Shui, the diamond, embodying all colors of the rainbow, is an ideal prism. Hanging a diamond crystal in a window harnesses sunlight to disperse energy throughout a space. It’s particularly potent in the Marriage/Relationships sector of a home.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

April’s birthstone, the diamond, clears fear and pain while encouraging resilience. It is a boon for creative minds, stimulating imagination and inventiveness. The diamond cleanses and activates the crown chakra, connecting to the divine. Meditating with a diamond clears inner light blockages, allowing it to shine outward.