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c. 3000 BCE: The Spice Trade – Connecting Civilizations

The Spice Trade, flourishing during the Bronze Age, was a cornerstone in establishing the first global trade networks, connecting civilizations across Europe, Africa, and Asia, and sparking cultural, economic, and political transformations

c. 3000 BCE: Stonehenge – A Monument to the Heavens

Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in southern England, stands as a testament to Bronze Age ingenuity and astronomical knowledge, highlighting the cultural and astronomical significance of ancient stone circles

c. 3300-1200 BCE: The Bronze Age – Dawn of Metalwork and Empires

The Bronze Age, a pivotal era in human history, was marked by the advent of bronze smelting, leading to significant technological advancements in tools and weaponry, and fostering the rise of early dynasties and trade [...]